Do You Know The Different Kinds Of Chocolate?

Different Kinds Of Chocolate

Baking a cake can require knowledge in the different kinds of chocolate available. Experienced bakers will use only the right kind of chocolate.

What Are the Different Kinds of Chocolate?

different kinds of chocolate

There are different types of chocolate. Most of them are made from finely ground cocoa, sugar and fat. The amount of cocoa can determine the calorie content. It is also grouped by its density and color. Here are some examples of what each type of chocolate is, including some of the most popular types. If you can’t decide between dark and milk chocolate, try a variety of flavors.

Dark Chocolate

As its name suggests, it is the darkest type of chocolate. It has the lowest sugar content and is the most bitter. However, it’s worth the price. Some of these varieties have floral and tobacco notes. The melting point of dark chocolate is 32 degrees Celsius, which makes it a great choice for serious chocolate lovers. If you’re unsure what kind of chocolate you like, you can try a sample of each type to make your own decision.

White Chocolate

This type is made of pure cocoa. Unlike milk chocolate, it lacks the compounds of dark chocolate.  White chocolate is commonly used in baking. Meanwhile, semi-sweet chocolate contains more cocoa butter and contains less sugar. Regardless of its color, white chocolate will still taste sweet, but will be much softer and less bitter.   Check your recipe carefully, especially when baking cookies.  Using the wrong chocolate will create a lot of problems with both taste and texture.

Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa than milk. If you want a rich, decadent, and aromatic variety, go for a darker-cocoa content. It is also better for you than plain, boring chocolate. The darker chocolate is more expensive than the dark version. You can try eat a piece of raw chocolate! It will give you a different idea of what makes a good dark chocolate than a candy bar.

Ruby Chocolate

This type of chocolate has a red-pink hue, and is produced by mixing cocoa and vegetable fat. The rich red color of Ruby chocolate is very distinct from milk chocolate. It is produced in the same way as plain chocolate, but has a different taste and texture. A dark red-pink-colored one is known as “ruby” chocolate. This form is a specialty variety.

German Chocolate

This type is a type of unsweetened chocolate that is the base for other types of chocolate.  Used mainly in baking, it tends to be more expensive. It is often sweeter than semisweet chocolate and contains no cocoa butter. Generally this is used only in baking and is not considered a good option for consumption on its own. Despite the various types of chocolate, you can’t go wrong with a simple cup of dark, bittersweet, or milky version.