Tips For Buying The Right Bakeware

Bakeware Sets

Do you have the right bakeware on hand? Baking is an a science and you need the right tools, such as loaf pans, cookies sheets and baking dishes.

Buying The Right Bakeware

Buying bakeware can be a very enjoyable experience for bakers of any skill level, but there are several important things that every cook should know before they start making any purchases. First of all, you want to make sure that the pieces that you buy is both durable and safe for the oven. There are many different types of baking pans on the market, so it can be confusing to choose which pieces or sets will work best for you. Choosing which pans and baking sheets will be needed, and what they will be made of, are the first steps you will need to take.

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Another essential item when it comes to choosing bakeware is the baking pan, also called a cookie sheet. This is an important tool to have in your kitchen and one that you should purchase according to the type and amount of baking that you plan on doing. When you are choosing a cookie sheet or a baking pan set, make sure it is the size that you need for your particular recipe.  Another thing that you will need to think about when purchasing oven baking sheets is what type of material the sheet is made from.  Bakers that bake a lot like aluminum pans, they are durable and distribute heat well.  Many bakers prefer a non-stick or Teflon sheet.  They are usually made from steel and have a non-stick surface for easy cleaning, plus the food won’t stick.

Pay Attention To Oven Mitts!

You may not pay much attention to them, but oven mitts are critical pieces of baking equipment. The most common type of oven mitts are the heavy, padded mitts that do a great job of keeping your hands safe from any burns.  You need to be able to move pans and sheets around in hot ovens and you don’t want to be using a towel or some other item to protect your hands.  Some mitts are made from newer materials that are not as bulky but still do a very good job.

Non Stick Bakeware

Some bakeware sets also come with silicone-coated handles as well as non-stick surfaces. However, these types of bakeware do require that you use wooden or silicone spatulas and spoons.  Teflon and other non-stick surfaces are surprisingly thin and will tear easily if you use metal utensils.  Once torn or scratched, these pieces of bakeware tend to become unusable.

Buy A Kitchen Thermometer

Finally, another item that you will definitely need to have on hand in
your kitchen is a thermometer. If you are baking a recipe that calls for the food to be at a specific temperature, then you will absolutely need to make sure
that you are using a thermometer. Some types of bakeware, such as cast iron, hold heat longer and that can affect how your food bakes.  Using a kitchen thermometer takes the guess work out of your baking.