What Type Of Coffee Maker Should You Have?

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One of the most popular and common small kitchen appliances is a coffee maker. You might be amazed at the different types of coffee machines available.

Different Types of Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers have come a long way from the first coffee maker that was hand crafted by a single pot. Today, there are many varieties available to choose from. Manufacturers have spent years developing coffee machines that make many different tasks possible. For people who love a great cup of coffee or who are looking for a convenient way to prepare a delicious beverage, a coffee maker is a great option.

coffee makers

Most popular coffee makers today brew both drip-brew and espresso machines. Made to work with or without power, Coffee Makers come in various different varieties, some just brewing just coffee while other are made as multifunction coffee brewers with many different functions. The most popular multipurpose coffee makers are able to be designed to brew cappuccino, lattes, espressos, and even tea. The most popular espresso machines include models by Breville and Nespresso.

Many new coffee makers are also becoming more versatile and can be used to brew not only just coffee, but also tea and cocoa. Some of the most popular options include the K-Cup and pod system. K-Cups feature a special filter that allows coffee to be brewed using the same container as tea or cocoa. The pods, which are a compressed form of ground coffee beans, can be placed in the top of the K-Cup and coffee is brewed just as it would be in an espresso machine.

Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Maker

Another option in multifunctional coffee makers is the water reservoir. Water reservoirs can hold either loose coffee grounds or pre-measured coffee pods. More elaborate machines will include a coffee grinder, making it possible to grind your beans daily or whenever you need them. Many coffee fans swear by freshly ground coffee beans when it comes to their morning beverages.

Many Machines Are Now High Tech

Some modern coffee makers also feature a touch screen that controls all of the brewing processes including water temperature, time, and flavor. The touch screen allows you to also control whether the machine is on boil or off. This feature can be especially handy if you are using it to boil water for tea, rather than preparing it and then trying to use the machine to extract it.

In addition to being able to prepare coffee based on your tastes, most modern coffee makers also allow you to adjust the thickness of the grinds of coffee and decide how long the beans should be roasted before brewing. Some machines have a setting for a one minute brew after the grinding process. If you prefer to use a drip coffee maker, you will find that most of these now come with a burr grinder attachment so that you can grind your own coffee beans at home, eliminating the need to buy them in bulk.